Network Upgrades

Posted by FreedomNet

Network Upgrades: Over the past few weeks, FreedomNet has been working hard to upgrade our wireless network and equipment. This is an ongoing project that allows us to provide our customers with the best rural internet service possible. These upgrades are usually free of charge for existing customers who are eligible, and such customers may get a call from our office to schedule an attempt to swap their equipment. Other customers may get notifications about a temporary scheduled shutdown in service to perform maintenance on our network. This is all in an effort to continue to provide our customers with Michigan’s #1 wireless internet service using the latest point-to-point technology that ensures our customers get the best service they can.

If you are one of the aforementioned customers, you may be eligible for an upgrade to one of our faster internet plans that can be found here. Once the network upgrades in your area have been completed, feel free to contact our office directly and speak with a sales representative who can assist you further in evaluating whether or not you can get one of our internet plans that support video streaming and online gaming.

If you are a new customer interested in getting our service and would like to know more information, feel free to fill out a Contact Us form, or call our offices at 866.669.4737 ext. 2 and speak with a sales representative. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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