no limits rural internet in michiganWhile many of the other rural wireless internet providers begin to add more limits to the internet service they offer, FreedomNet continues to offer our No Limits Rural Internet in Michigan, specifically to underserved areas. At FreedomNet we believe that the internet is meant to be used without limits, and we don’t think that those of us that live in rural areas should suffer with slow, limited internet options.

This passion for unlimited internet is the reason why we continue to improve our current country internet network for rural parts of Michigan. Each and every day, we work to provide faster speeds, more consistent connections, and an overall stronger No Limits Internet network in Michigan. We continue to add new towers throughout the state, further expanding the areas where we can provide the unlimited internet service that’s needed. These things will allow you to use the internet the way it’s meant to be used.

If you have questions about our unlimited internet in rural parts of Michigan, or would like to see if we offer service in your area, feel free to contact us either via our website @ or by phone @ 866.669.4737. We would be happy to let you know how our country internet offers No Limits Internet to rural parts of Michigan.