How It Works

Here are the ins and outs of how our Wireless Internet Service works.

Wireless Internet

FreedomNet’s wireless internet allows users to connect online, without a wire-line connection. Instead of requiring a wire-line, our service uses wireless equipment that allows us to connect your address to our wireless network.

Local Partners

Nearly all of our wireless service towers are owned by a local community partner. Many of our partners are area property owners and farmers that own tall structures where we can mount our networking equipment.

Different Frequencies

In order to connect each individual address with our Wireless Internet Service, we use several different types of radio frequencies. Using various frequencies allows us to use the optimal frequency for each area. Taking into account frequency density, obstructions, and geographic layout.

Our Belief

We believe that rural Michigan should have access to the same type of internet as more urban areas. We work hard each and every day to make this a reality. Day by day, our Wireless Network continues to grow and evolve.

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