Protection Plan

Protection Plan Terms & Conditions

Thank you for being a FreedomNet Solutions Customer!

As a FreedomNet Solutions Account Holder, you are responsible for the equipment that is leased from FreedomNet Solutions (antenna or dish, subscriber module, surge suppressor, power supply, cabling*, mounting brackets). In the event of any unforeseen damages to the equipment, the Account Holder will be charged up to $500 for the replacement of the damaged equipment. For this reason, we offer the Protection Plan on the equipment for $5/per month. If the Account Holder is under the Protection Plan, FreedomNet Solutions will be responsible for all costs associated with the damages covered under the Protection Plan.

FreedomNet Solutions uses point-to-multipoint wireless internet technology and all protected equipment is necessary for access to reliable high speed internet.

This is a legal contract between the Account Holder and FreedomNet Solutions. By purchasing the Protection Plan, you understand that it is such a contract and acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

What is Covered: The Protection Plan covers parts and labor costs resulting from the breakdown of all leased equipment, including the subscriber module, antenna or reflector dish, mounting bracket or tripod, cabling*, surge suppressor, and power supply. Customer owned equipment is not covered under the Protection Plan. “Acts of God” out of FreedomNet Solutions’ control are covered under the Protection Plan (including weather, fire, and wild animal damage outside of home).

What is Not Covered: (1) Damage done by a pet or animal on the inside of the home, damage done by a pet on the outside of the home; (2) intentional acts or criminal acts by the Account Holder, damage from an accident, abuse, misuse, introduction of foreign objects into the product, unauthorized product modifications or alterations, Third party actions (fire, vandalism, loss, theft, etc.); (3) damage which is not reported within 30 days after expiration of Protection Plan; (4) external signal interference; (5) preexisting conditions or problems; (6) your personally owned equipment (computer, monitor, router**, cabling, etc.)

Equipment Replacement and Repair: If we determine that replacement equipment is required, we will either ship a new or refurbished unit with comparable features to the location where you receive FreedomNet Solutions internet service, or send a technician to perform equipment repairs. After replacement is received, FreedomNet Solutions requires the defective equipment to be returned to us. Should you fail to return the defective equipment within thirty (30) days, charges for the unreturned unit will apply.

Term of Coverage: The Protection Plan coverage commences thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase, unless purchased at the time of initial installation, where Protection Plan starts at time of installation. The Protection Plan will remain active throughout the duration of the account being active. The Protection Plan will automatically renew on a month to month basis unless the Protection Plan is cancelled as per the “Cancellation” provision.

Protection Plan Payment Terms: You will be billed for the Protection Plan purchase price in equal monthly installments. If your monthly Protection Plan purchase price is subject to change, you will be notified in advanced of any price increase.

Cancellation: You may cancel the Protection Plan, without cost to you, at any time. The Protection Plan will automatically cancel when service ends.

Transferability: The Protection Plan is not transferable. *Direct burial cabling is only covered if it is properly buried. **even if purchased from FreedomNet Solutions.