10 Years of Google Maps

Posted by FreedomNet

10 Years of Google Maps: Google Maps has been an available service for over 10 years now, and since its inception, it has added and improved upon a number different features that make it one of the most widely used digital maps and GPS software. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Google Maps app.

  • As of last year, Google introduced a feature to allow users to see all the places they’ve visited, as logged by your phone. To check your location history, go to google.com/maps/timeline on the web. If this is a little too much invasion of your property, you can also turn off the feature and delete all collected data as well.
  • You can use Google’s version of an artificial assistant, Google Now which is like Apple’s version of Siri, to locate and plot direction to and from another location. Saying something like “driving directions to Chicago” will bring up just that.
  • The “Explore” section of Google Maps is more complex and nuanced than most realize. You can filter results by occasion, time, and local popularity.
  • Using Google Maps for driving comes with a number of features, the most popular being the real-time traffic info that is supplemented by real-time data from users on the road which helps make Google Maps one of the most reliable sources for backups and delays on the road.
  • Users can cache maps directly to their phone for offline use, which is handy for an area that has little to no cell service. The phone’s built-in pedometer and magnetometer can act as an offline GPS to keep track of your location on the map itself.
  • You can leave reviews, and read reviews from other users who visit a particular location to help Google’s data-driven software that constantly improves the service with more information gathered from users. You can also submit updates to maps with new, or altered locations to keep Google Maps as up to date as possible.

While Android users already have Google Maps built into their phones, iOS users will need to download a separate app to be able to take advantage of one of the best-supported mapping software available. Users can also access Google Maps via their web browser.

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