3 Great Gmail Cleanup Tips

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3 Great Gmail Cleanup Tips: Gmail is a communication staple for hundreds of millions of people who use it as their primary source of sending and receiving email. From its humble beginnings in 2004, Gmail enticed users with generous cloud storage options (1 whole gigabyte of space!) that have since expanded to 15 times what it originally was and is considered to be the largest email service today. If you are someone who’s had a Gmail account for years, you may be someone who has a large list of old emails that have accumulated over time. Whether you’re running out of space, or just wish to do a little inbox cleaning, here’s how you can clean out your inbox and start over.

  • Deleting old messages – This is fairly simple, but proceed at your own risk because you don’t want to delete something important. It’s a good idea to ‘star’ emails that you want to keep. When you’re ready, just tick the box at the top left of the “All Mail” page, and then hit “Select all…” Then hit the trash can at the top and they’re gone. Or at least they go to your trash can which you can then delete the emails permanently from there.
  • Erasing contacts – Gmail makes it simple to add and sync contacts across a variety of devices, but this can work against you when deleting said contacts. You will first want to go to the Contacts page and then to “Other Contacts” under the “More” heading option. Same as the emails, hit the checkbox to the left and then go to the “More” tab and hit “Delete contacts” and they’re gone. On an Android device, go to the Google Contacts app, hit “Suggestions” and there should be an option to remove junk contacts Google has identified.
  • Starting over – Now that you have a cleared inbox and a empty contacts list, it’s time to format your inbox to minimize the clutter and spam in the future, while also saving some time on yourself. You can always create a new Gmail account and get messages from your old account forwarded to your new one (check “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” in the Gmail settings). A good thing to know is that Gmail does not recognize periods in email addresses. So an email that is john.smith@gmail.com and johnsmith@gmail.com will go to the same inbox. How this is useful is that you can filter each address separately if you want to segregate you important messages from your non-important ones. Finally, take advantage of inbox tabs that can be configured in the settings under “Configure inbox”, from there you can drag and drop emails and delete them in batches.

Google and Gmail have proven themselves to be leaders among online email services. And since many people keep their email address for extended periods of time, for simplicity sake we believe it’s a good idea to clean house every once in a while. We here at FreedomNet are very passionate about simplicity and being hassle-free with our High-Speed Wireless Internet service.

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