Looking for No Limits Internet?

Posted by FreedomNet

Are you looking for No Limits Internet, but found out you can’t get our service where you live? Are you a community leader looking to bring internet service to your neighborhood? Here at FreedomNet Solutions, we enforce strict requirements that potential customers must reach before they can qualify for internet. This is to make sure that customers continue to have good service in the long term future and to help us anticipate problems that may or may not come up. But many times we are unable to provide service to a customer, either because they are not in our coverage area, or there are too many obstacles blocking the line of sight to the towers.

All hope is not lost, because maybe you live in an area just barely outside of our coverage area and you see a good opportunity to put up a new tower to provide service to your neighborhood. We here at FreedomNet Solutions are willing to take steps to bring service to areas interested in wireless no limits internet. Communities that want to see if they quality for a new tower will need to meet the following basic criteria:

  • Several households or businesses in the immediate area interested in service, typically 5 or more parties will be needed.
  • A structure tall enough and sturdy enough for us to mount our equipment on, if one does not exist then communities will need to consider the possibility of building their own structure/tower.
  • A clear line of sight from the our service tower to all interested parties looking to get our service; no trees or large obstacles in the way. A tall structure and numerous households interested in our service means nothing if we do not have the line of sight to provide service to them.

If your community is looking for No Limits Internet, and meets these criteria and you think you would be an excellent candidate for service expansion, then please contact our sales department and speak with a sales representative who can evaluate your options for you.

Are you still looking for an internet provider that will provide you with No Limits Internet, but can’t seem to find one because you live in a rural area? Feel free to contact our office at 866-669-4737 ext. 2 and speak with one of our sales representatives who can assist you.