Conversations Have Gotten Easier

Posted by FreedomNet

Conversations have gotten easier. It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted to speak with someone about something you only had 1 of 2 main options, find a way to meet face to face, or by phone. The main obvious downsides to this are that long distance face to face meetings can take quite a bit of our time, money, and energy to complete. While a phone conversation only allows for the vocal aspect of communication and doesn’t translate well in terms of non-verbal communication.

We here at FreedomNet Solutions occasionally get asked about Skype and weather of not customers can use it effectively with our service. Skype, and similar services like it, is primarily a video-to-video chatting service in which users can communicate with one another using webcams to other individuals around the world. The only limiting factor is one’s access to the internet and the bandwidth requirements to effectively use the service. While FreedomNet Solutions is proud to bring wireless internet that is capable of Skype video chatting, there are certain internet plans that customers will want to consider if video chat is the main activity that they are trying to perform.

When most people inquire about internet speeds, they are mainly concerned about the download speed, that is the rate in which a person can retrieve material or data from the internet. A vast majority of internet related activity consists of users pulling data and information from the internet to digest. While it may not be the case for high-end users, a typical user will occasionally want to put up their own content online. This is uploading data and this is where the upload speed of an internet service becomes important. Video-to-video chat requires both users to download and upload a certain amount of data at the same time to be able to use the service. Recommended download and upload speeds for Skype are 1.5Mbps / 1.5Mbps, so a customer using the “No Limits Internet” Residential Basic Plan might have a tougher time Skyping with a 3Mbps / 1Mbps connection as opposed to another on the Advanced Plan using 5Mbps / 1.5Mbps. Keep this in mind whenever you inquire about internet plans you are looking to get installed with. A final important point to make is that video-to-video chatting uses a lot of data over a given amount of time, so those with data caps can suffer from overage charges if they’re not careful. But customers with FreedomNet Solutions “No Limits Internet” will not have to worry about that with our hassle free, no limits internet that feature unlimited data caps for all users for a fixed monthly rate.

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