We’ve Been Busy Upgrading Our Wireless Network!

Posted by FreedomNet

We’ve been busy upgrading our wireless network! So some our customers have been fortunate in recent months to qualify for free equipment upgrades in which customers can have their old equipment replaced with our new series of radios. We hope that this new equipment will provide better long term service and allow for more bandwidth options for our customers. If you have received one of these equipment upgrades, we would like to know how things are going. If you’re pleased with how the change is working out, or if you are experiencing problems with the service or have any concerns you wish to relay to us, please feel free to contact our friendly support staff who will be more than happy to assist you with any problems.

To all those who have been recently swapped and have been waiting for faster “No Limits Internet” plans to be available, today may be your lucky day as we have recently made available most if not all of our upgraded plans with speeds up to 10Mbps / 2Mbps. If you would like to know more information regarding that, or are a new customer looking for service, feel free to contact our sales department at sales@freedomnet.com, or call our office at 866-669-4737 to speak with a sales representative.