No Limits Internet and Remote Play

Posted by FreedomNet

Remote Play: Despite being the current most popular of the new generation of gaming consoles , Playstation 4 users have lacked the ability of their Xbox One counterparts in being able to play their video games via their PCs. But as of April 6th, the new 3.50 system update for the PS4 now allows users to remote play their Playstation games on their PCs and Mac computers.

What is remote play? Simply speaking, remote play gives users the ability to play their console games remotely from third party devices, namely computer desktops and laptop systems that have the proper software or applications installed to allow users to do so. The applications themselves are free to use and only require up to date operating systems and a controller to plug into a USB port. Users will also require a minimum internet connection of 5Mbps to keep their computers constantly connected to their respective consoles that will run the games while streaming the gameplay on the projected computer screen. And while this may all sound complicated, the installation and set-up of the software is actually fairly easy and can be performed in just a few steps that can be found here if you’re using a PS4, or here if you’re using a Xbox One. With remote play, you no longer need to log into your home console sto be able to play your favorite Playstation or Xbox games. If you live in a rural area of Michigan and are looking for a “No Limits Internet” provider for your gaming needs, FreedomNet Solutions may have an option for you with our unlimited point to multipoint wireless internet. Our service offers the speed needed to play games online with or without remote play.

If you are interested in our “No Limits Internet” service and would like to know more information, or are a current customer interested in upgrading to a higher bandwidth plan for online gaming, feel free to contact our sales department at 866-669-4737 ext. 2 and speak with a representative who can assist you with any questions you may have.