Do Your Ever Read The Terms and Conditions?

Posted by FreedomNet

There are a number of things that most people will probably never do in their lifetime; become President, win the lottery, go to the moon, read the full “terms and conditions” for something, etc. Take, for example, the “terms and conditions” thing, most people do not have the time to go through pages upon pages of thorough, intentionally complex legal jargon that will probably have little to no effect on their overall lives. And yet, we all know that it can lead us to be open to legal prosecution, invasion of privacy, or loss of ownership of an original work. If only there was a way to easily summarize all the important parts and make them easier to read and comprehend…..

If you assume that there must be a point to all this, then you’re in luck because there’s actually a website you can go to that will automatically read through and summarize the terms of service that appear on any website you go to. Appropriately named “Terms of Service – Didn’t Read” and featured in Time magazine and The Verge, the website uses a browser add-on that identifies, summarizes the terms of service while even labeling them on a Class A for good and Class E for bad scale based on the user friendliness of the terms of service. A summary glace at some popular website reveals some startling themes that are becoming common requirements for many websites. For example, did you know that Apple can delete any of your files on their cloud at any time and without notice? Did you know that you cannot ever permanently delete your Skype account? Did you know Steam’s terms of service have a class that excluded them from class action lawsuits by users, or that Twitter gets the right to your content after your account gets deleted? While you certainly don’t have to use TOSDR, it’s definitely an interesting thing to look through.

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