Twitter and No Limits Internet

Posted by FreedomNet

Twitter and No Limits Internet. Twitter’s growth may have slowed down significantly in the past couple years, but it is still a very popular social media platform with millions of active users around the world. After being around for several years there has been a wealth of applications and plug-ins that have been created to expedite and enhance the user experience. Here are a few of our favorite tools for use with your “No Limits Internet” service to boost Twitter’s usefulness, all easy to set up and free to try.

  • Auto Refresh for Twitter – A Chrome and Firefox extension that allows new tweets to magically appear on screen without having to use 3rd party applications
  • Buffer – There are a bunch of tools for scheduling tweets in advance, but Buffer’s ease of use and suite of advanced features make it even easier to do so; includes integrated analytics tools as well
  • Filta – It’s surprising that Twitter doesn’t have a feature that allows you to search for people based on a set of keywords rather than their name or username. This takes care of that
  • Twitter Stars – Ok, this is a bit of a silly one but a while back Twitter faced some backlash when they switched their like feature with a star emoji to a heart one. This brings the bright star back to the forefront and can be replaced with any emoji with just a few lines of code.
  • Spoiler Shield – A personal favorite, this application lets you avoid movie or TV show spoilers on Twitter with set filters that eliminate all the relevant tweets from your newsfeed and works surprisingly well.

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