Bounty Programs

Posted by FreedomNet

Bounty Programs: Have you ever used Facebook or Instagram and noticed something weird about the application? Have you ever stumbled upon an unintended feature that can compromise the security of other users? Did you know that companies often times pay out a rather large reward to the person who finds the bug? Recently, a Finnish boy received $10,000 from Facebook for finding an exploit in Instagram, which Facebook owns, that allows users to delete the comments of other users without their permission. That boy, who is 10 years old, wasn’t even a computer wizard and still managed to discover a security exploit that qualified for payment under Facebook’s bounty program. The whitehat program, and others like it, is simply a company willing to pay people for finding bugs and exploits that may be missed by the companies own engineers. Rewards for such payments can range anywhere between a few hundred dollars up to $20,000 for major exploits. And Facebook isn’t the only one with a program, other companies Google and Bing have their own bounty programs that pay well for serious bugs that are found, and the people who cash in on their rewards may also find themselves with a job offer from the respective companies as well. So the next time you notice something suspicious, feel free to report it.

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