Partial App Downloads

Posted by FreedomNet

Partial App Downloads: Have you ever downloaded an application to specifically use it for one particular function only to not use the rest of the apps features, or use the app again at all? For example, it can be a time-consuming task to download a parking meter app to pay for a meter one time, not to mention it only uses up more of that precious limited data plan that most people have. Google apparently has taken notice and has recently rolled out a primitive version of what it calls Instant Apps.

Instant Apps essentially allows users to download the specific code in an app that gives them access to specific functions in the application itself without having to download the entire app itself. With just a simple tap, you can quickly post a link on Tumblr, edit a photo in VSCO Cam, or reserve a table with OpenTable with minimal data usage and short wait times. Another simple tap allows you to download the app in its entirety. And while the prospect itself is awesome, it will take some time to implement on a wide scale as developers will have to split their code into modular sections to accommodate the specific downloads required for minimum functionality.

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