Guest Network

Posted by FreedomNet

Guest Network: Most, if not, all of our customers likely have a router in their house that allows wireless internet access (wi-fi). It is common for friends, family, and other guests to ask the host for their wi-fi password that is usually located on the back of their router. This can sometimes be a long process of typing in a string of random letters and numbers that will give an outside user equal access to the host network. If you dont want visitors to have access to your host network, but would still like them to be able to connect via your wi-fi, there is a simple solution, which is to simply create a separate network specifically for house guests.

By having two networks, one for you and one for your guests, it can allow you to configure each one to specific needs such as setting a simpler password for the guest network and even regulating how much of your bandwidth they have access to. You don’t even have to set a network password at all if you want the ultimate convenience for your guests, but keep in mind that this can open up the opportunity for 3rd parties to connect to your router and monitor internet traffic on it.

Setting up a guest access network is usually a simple process, but different brands of routers have different ways of going about it. And while most new routers have this capability built in already, some older models may require you to connect a separate router or switch that already has a function enabled, or to install DD-WRT software into your firmware. Many routers already come with a simple list of steps included in the user manual that allows you to configure the settings. You can also find instructions online through the websites of popular brands such as Linksys, D-Link, Asus, and Netgear. Having a convenient and secure wireless network is something we here at FreedomNet Solutions highly recommend in order to take advantage of Michigan’s #1 wireless “No Limits Internet” service.

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