Ad Blockers

Posted by FreedomNet

Ad Blockers: Unless you work a job where ads are your livelihood, you’re probably like everyone else and try to avoid them. And while they’re omnipresent and practically everywhere, some internet users can minimize their annoyance by using automatic ad blockers that filter out such content. Software extensions such as Eyeo and Adblock Plus are popular tools for getting rid of popups, skipping commercials in YouTube videos, and eliminating sidebar ads.

Not only do ad blockers create a more streamlined and cleaner interface for web browsing, but there are also real practical benefits to using them. Websites that have pop-up ads typically send out information about users to third parties that use them for consumer analytics. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to ensure that this information goes into safe hands and users may want to be more aware of their own exposure to such ads. For more data conscious users, ad blockers are tremendously helpful in eliminating needless web traffic that can use more data than it takes to load the actual webpage itself. It can be made worse on certain websites that constantly feed advertisers information about their users, even without reloading the webpage itself. It’s certainly a big annoyance that can potentially turn into a big problem for some consumers. Thankfully, FreedomNet customers do not have to worry about going over any data caps thanks to Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider and our “No Limits Internet”.

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