Consuming Data While Streaming Video

Posted by FreedomNet

Consuming Data While Streaming Video: The average American reportedly spends between 4.5-7 hours per day watching TV. Over the course of a year, that is a lot of hours spent on the television, and for people who like to binge watch TV shows online that can be a lot of data. Let’s take a very conservative estimate of 13 hours of television per week and apply it to how much data would be required through a popular streaming platform like Netflix. To be able to stream “low quality” video it would require a minimum of 50GB a month which is typically the starting internet plan for a lot of satellite internet providers. If you want to be able to stream “standard quality” that would require a minimum of 100GB per month, and “high definition (HD) quality” would require 200GB per month. And that is not even counting all the other devices and services connected to the internet, just 13 hours of video stream per week. Using simple math it is easily observable why limited data plans for most internet companies are not sufficient to address the needs of most consumers, and how one can easily find themselves paying huge additional fees for going over an allotted amount of data.

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