How Your Browser Effects Battery Life

Posted by FreedomNet

How Your Browser Effects Battery Life: Last week we talked about ways streaming video can consume a considerable amount of online data that may pose a problem if you’re on a limited data plan. This week we want to talk briefly about battery life, specifically in relation to the kind of online browser you may use. Long gone are the days when Internet Explorer ruled over mostly every computer in the world. Now, Google’s own Chrome web browser has since become the most popular to use for consumers.

In a slightly controversial test, Microsoft did a comparison of the world’s most popular web browsers based on battery life of the laptop that used it. Microsoft Edge came out on top just ahead of Opera and Mozilla Firefox. A surprising result was Google Chrome which came in dead last by a wide margin. Opera has since fired back with its own test claiming that it was the more economically power saving browser compared to Edge with criticism of the testing methodology of Microsoft. Regardless of who is considered to be the best overall, it is clear that the kind of browser you use does have an impact on the battery life of your device, and that can subsequently have an effect on the amount of data each browser uses to perform certain tasks if not regulated carefully.

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