Online Storage with Dropbox

Posted by FreedomNet

Online Storage with Dropbox: Online digital storage is rapidly becoming the go-to method of storage for residential and business users all over the world. While such services like Google Drive and iCloud do require a constant internet connection, no longer do users have to be limited by their physical hardware that can only hold certain amounts of data at a time. One of the most popular file storage services in the world, Dropbox, is used by millions of users who take advantage of its ease of use and unlimited storage capabilities. But it can also do a lot more than store your files.

  • Digitizing paper documents – Using a mobile app, users can scan paper documents that automatically get stored on your online drive. Business accounts can take advantage of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to search text in the scanned document
  • Bringing back deleted files – Everyone has probably had that moment where they were working on something for a long time, only to accidently have it deleted and lost forever. Dropbox has adapted a similar feature used in Gmail and Windows Office that allows users to bring back old deleted files from as far back as 30 days ago.
  • Log out of devices remotely – The cloud sharing ability of online storage allows for a nearly unlimited number of devices to log in and access your files, but sometimes devices that are set to automatically log in will need to be turned off and you can do that remotely in Dropbox.
  • Setting shared links to expire – Sometimes you may need to temporarily give someone access to a link, but you want it to remain inaccessible after a certain amount of time. Dropbox allows you to set time limits on shared links.
  • Protecting the mobile app with PIN – You can now set a separate PIN code to your mobile app that asks for a simple 4 digit code to gain access to the application itself.
  • Dropbox Paper – Similar to Google Drive’s built in word processor, Dropbox Paper allows users to take and save notes directly in Dropbox. You can format text, add images, and make lists like other word processors.

As mentioned, the ease of use and convenience of online storage services make it an ever growing option for digital storage that will only continue to grow in use over the coming years. You too can get in on the action with FreedomNet’s “No Limits Internet” service with speeds capable of uploading files to cloud storage systems. If you are a business looking for business-level cloud storage, feel free to check out the options over at Virtual Systems.

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