Facebook’s Evolution

Posted by FreedomNet

Facebook’s Evolution: It’s no secret that social media has seen explosive growth in just the past decade with the growth of Facebook, followed by other applications like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. What once used to be the exclusive domain of teens and young adults is now an almost mandatory part of every person’s life, whether it be casual posts on Facebook, or managing a business Twitter account to respond to customer inquiries. With over 1.65 billion (yes billion) active users each month, Facebook is by far the most used platform and it has recently been expanding the use of its once simple messaging service to employ a number of new practical applications that many may not know about.

  • Bots – Well it’s finally happening. The bots are taking over. Not the world, just your Facebook Messenger. Did you know you can download any number of bots that can allow you to order flowers, a Uber, or read Bible verses, all though Facebook Messenger?
  • Sending your location – Ever lost in a crowd and you’re having a difficult time locating your friends? Since most devices compatible with Facebook’s Messenger have GPS enabled, you can manually send a person your current real-time location using a tab in the bottom right window of the chat screen.
  • Play chess – This is a minor one but if you type “@fbchess” into a person’s chat window, you’ll automatically engage in a match of chess with them. You can also play other mini-games like basketball and soccer, but just by yourself.
  • Send money to friends – Similar to the popular Venmo service, Facebook Messenger allows users to send money orders to other people, free of charge. While in the early stages of development, the feature is set to roll out across the US in the coming months.
  • Drawing on photos – Taking a page out of Snapchat’s book (no pun intended), Facebook has a similar feature that allows users to edit and draw on photos sent to one another.

While Facebook Messenger is one of the lesser used aspects of Facebook as a whole, the entire site and mobile application is what facilitates a large amount of social interaction between people and their friends/family. It’s use has permeated society in every demographic and it’s availability is a primary concern for many of our users. Thankfully, FreedomNet has not only the speeds to load simple pages and videos, but the “No Limits Internet” access granted by Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider. This means “No Limits internet” for you and your family to video chat with grandma, play a game of online chess with a friend, or drop in a friendly hello on an old friend’s wall. All as much as you want.

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