Pokemon Go is Taking Over

Posted by FreedomNet

Pokemon Go is Taking Over: As many of you have probably noticed, Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, and indeed the world. The free-to-play mobile app for Android and iOS allows users to capture virtual Pokemon out in the “wild” using GPS location and tracking software that allows users to search for virtual monsters in the real world to capture and collect. Due to the broad appeal of the genre and Pokemon culture, millions around the world have been scouring the streets, rivers, and forests for the elusive rare Pokemon.

Because the application needs to be open the whole time you are using it, and the fact that it requires a constant GPS tracker to remain on, it tends to use up a lot of the battery life and online data. Here are a few general tips on how to improve the battery life of your phone and save you data.

  • Low power mode – Most smartphones now have a “low power” feature that reduces the activity of the phone to minimal, operational levels and turns off all background data gathering
  • Close irrelevant apps – Even with low power mode on, some apps will still use the battery life of the phone if they are running in the background, make sure to completely close the ones that you are not immediately using
  • Download Pokemon Go maps directly – While this has been allegedly disproven, some users still subscribe to the theory that Google maps of the local area downloaded directly to the phone can help save unneeded effort for the phone to fetch the data to load the map itself in-game
  • Download “Ingress” – Ingress is a location based game created by the Niantic, the same team responsible for Pokemon Go. If you’re looking to maximize your chances of finding rare Pokemon, you can use the in-game map in Ingress which uses the same locations as it’s more popular cousin, but also has shaded areas of bright lights that correspond to user traffic which can in turn yield greater chances of rare Pokemon
  • Dim your phone screen – Although low power mode can dim the screen for you, it doesn’t hurt to go a little further if you need to squeeze a few more minutes out of the battery

As fun and as surreal the Pokemon Go craze is, some individuals in mainly rural areas are disadvantaged with little to no Pokestops to get free items from, or by having a very small variety of Pokemon to catch. For others, the lack of good, consistent wireless internet is a primary barrier preventing them from participating. Thankfully, FreedomNet Solutions has one of the largest and best maintained wireless networks in the state of Michigan. As Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider we pride ourselves on being a “No Limits Internet” service provider that allows users to use unlimited amounts of Internet, with no data caps to worry about.

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