Twitter’s Quality Filter

Posted by FreedomNet

Twitter’s Quality Filter: Twitter has long been a popular social media website used by millions around the world. Due to the public and open nature of the service, it has lately been the target of controversy due to unwanted content (i.e. spam, hate messages, automated tweets) being ever more prolific online. Twitter has been known to ban certain accounts for violating its use policy and for content that can be seen as a vile attack on other users, but its response overall for such behavior has been tepid.

The microblogging site has lately tried to rectify that by introducing two new features aimed at giving you “more control over what you see and who you interact with on Twitter.” The company has recently rolled out a new “quality filter” option in the notification settings that prevent you from seeing “lower quality content” such as duplicated and automatic tweets from appearing on your feed. There is also another feature aimed at showing only notifications from users that you follow, which prevents tweets and messages from random strangers from appearing. This all comes in conjunction with the announcement last Thursday that Twitter was shuttering another 235,000 accounts for violating its anti-terrorism policies. It seems like they have finally begun to take steps to make the unfiltered and sometimes brutal world on the Internet a little more of a bearable place for people.

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