Fantasy Football

Posted by FreedomNet

Fantasy Football: With football season just around the corner, millions of Americans have already begun drafting for fantasy football teams. A roughly $70 billion industry, fantasy football has become a legitimate source of entertainment, and for some, a source of income.

While not an actual physical team, league managers can “draft” real players to their fantasy rosters to serve as players on their virtual teams that keep track of statistics such as yards run, or touchdowns scored, that get converted into points that’s are totaled at the end of the week to determine the “winner” of that week. These virtual fantasy teams will battle it out on a weekly basis in conjunction with the regular season of the NFL. The playoffs usually start somewhere around week 14 of the regular season.

There are a number of fantasy websites that are typically used to facilitate private leagues, the most popular being Yahoo Fantasy, and ESPN Fantasy both of which provide league managing tools for free. Whether you’re just starting a team, or a veteran managing several teams, know that FreedomNet Solutions has you covered with Michigan’s #1 wireless internet.

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