iOS 10 Features

Posted by FreedomNet

iOS 10 Features: Earlier this month, Apple announced its new series of smartphones, the iPhone 7, that featured the typical improvements that one would expect (better camera, faster processor, longer battery life, etc.) In additional to its new lineup of physical products, there was the long-awaited reveal of iOS 10 that many users will find relevant, even those that choose not to get the new iPhone. A few of the notable changes are:

  • Removing default apps – That folder of unused apps you can’t delete that is just sitting off to the side of your screen? You can now get rid of it permanently, or re-download it if you change you mind.
  • Using Siri with 3rd party apps – Apple made iOS 10 available to 3rd party developers to integrate its voice communicated software with the applications that were previously unsupported (ex. LinkedIn, Slack, and Lyft)
  • Manual read receipts – There are people in your life that you won’t mind if they know when you read their messages, and some that you may wish to avoid giving anything away. You can tailor this specifically to individuals now.
  • More options for notifications in the lock screen – In the past, users could only tap or swipe the notifications in the lock screen to unlock the phone and then interact with the app. Now some notifications will have additional options featured on the lock screen to expedite some simple features (ex. Cancelling an Uber ride without unlocking the phone.)
  • Find your parked car – Maps can now track where users park their vehicle based on how fast they are going and dropping a pin where they get out to mark the location of the car itself.
  • Deleting old songs – In the never-ending battle for more storage space, there’s a new feature in iOS 10 that allows you to Optimize Storage by mass deleting old songs you haven’t listened to in a long time.
  • More emojis – Can never have enough emojis.

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