Monthly Service Plans for Streaming

Posted by FreedomNet

Monthly Service Plans for Streaming: We’re getting to a time where most households in the United States are doing some kind of video streaming. The ability to watch all your favorite shows and movies with an internet connection and a nominal monthly fee is a practical way for many people to watch their media on their own time, at their own convenience. Our customers at FreedomNet Solutions are no different and we get many calls from people asking if our speeds can support video streaming services. We offer several different plans that work great with popular video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime. While we do offer plans that can support streaming, not all of our plans are available in all areas, either due to equipment limitations, or lack of available bandwidth on our towers. It is important to note, however, that FreedomNet Solutions is constantly updating and expanding our wireless network in order to be able to bring quality wireless internet for rural customers.

It’s also worthy of note that Netflix recommends customers have 3Mbps download speeds to meet the minimum requirements for standard definition streaming. While our Basic Plan provides speeds that are up to 3Mbps download, network usage and customer patterns of internet consumption can result in speeds slightly less than that, thus causing minor hiccups in the video streaming experience. This is why we recommend customers go with our 5Mbps download Advanced Plan that is capable of meeting the minimum requirements for video streaming, while also having some bandwidth leftover to re-allocate towards other devices and services. There are of course even faster internet plans available for those who require more bandwidth to support large families. It is our hope that we can provide all of our customers with the same quality wireless internet service.

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