Google Flights is Awesome

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Google Flights is Awesome: This time of year, as we enter the holiday season is when many people will begin planning their holiday trips. And as many can probably attest, the task of searching for flights, comparing their rates, and booking them for convenient days/times can be described as a chore. And while there are websites like Kayak or Hipmunk that can make it a little easier, you never truly feel that you are getting the best deal.

Enter Google Flights. Like many Google related services, Google Flight’s no-frills, simple to use software functions much like their well-known search browser, only this allows you to input your inbound and outbound locations and will generate a calendar of all the days in a month with the cheapest flight being highlighted first, regardless of carrier. This allows users to have visual context of the best deals and flight times. Another lesser known feature that was recently introduced was the ability to get alerts from Google Flights about when prices for a particular flight are about to increase using historical pricing information. While it may not always be perfect, this can allow users to get the jump on a cheap flight before it gets more expensive later on. Users can rest easy knowing that Google’s history of reliability and customer satisfaction will continue to improve their Google Flight service over time.

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