We’re Loving Windows 10!

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We’re Loving Windows 10!: Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system was rolled out earlier this year to some pretty good reviews. Other than the automatic nature of the update, the new and improved features and overall interface have been a resounding success for the company and its consumers.

Recently announced was Microsoft’s first major update for Windows 10 titled the “Creators Update,” and with it come a wealth of updated features that will please the more creative individuals. Microsoft’s iconic Paint software is getting a large face lift as Paint 3D. Included with the usual improvements to editing and creating original works of art is the ability to use your phone to basically 3D scan a physical object, and project the image, in 3D to Paint 3D for further editing. PowerPoint also includes new 3D modeling tools that allow you to add interactive, 3D images to slides like you would an image or video. And in keeping with the 3D theme of the update, Microsoft Hololens is getting further support from a new feature that allows users to project digital images over a real world space that you can use for consumer activities like furniture or clothing shopping.

A couple other additional features were also announced, including improved live broadcast support for Xbox One and a new integrated messaging app that includes the option to send SMS messages from a Windows compatible device to an Android device, much like Apple’s iMessage service.

To take advantage of all these new features, an internet connection is required for the new update that can be several gigabytes large and can put a strain on a consumer with a limited internet connection.

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