Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday: It being the holidays this time of year, many are naturally focused on being with loved ones, taking in part of the feasting festivities of Thanksgiving, and the occasional football here and there. For some, this time of year is also when people look towards Christmas and there is a natural urge to shop for presents, with the occasional gift for self.

Enter the unofficial holiday known as Black Friday. As many of you are probably already aware, Black Friday is typically a time of year where retail stores have some of their biggest sales of the year that can account for a large portion, or even a majority of their profits for the fiscal year. While much as been read and talked about Black Friday, the ever growing, and almost equally popular Cyber Monday has recently taken hold. During Cyber Monday, online retailers like Amazon and Ebay will have their online sales, much like the physical retail counterparts on Black Friday. Many people prefer this approach due to its convenience it offers from being able to shop from the comfort of one’s home, instead of having to wait in line for hours in the middle of November. Special websites, such as the one here, are dedicated solely to Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and it is advised to do your own research beforehand in order to beat the initial rush of consumers vying for goods.

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