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Netflix Download Play: Netflix has been the staple video streaming service for several years now. As the 16th most vistied website in the US, and 2nd in the world in the entertainment category, Netflix has dominated the internet streaming market for TV shows and movies. And while this may be an ideal method of watching TV shows for cord cutters and those with reliable internet, the requirement that a person have a constant internet connection can limit how and where a person can watch their favorites.Netflix has finally given way to a solution adopted by some of its competitors, and that it offline streaming.

Netflix has finally given way to a solution adopted by some of its competitors, and that is offline streaming. Yes, users can now download whole TV shows and movies to their devices and watch them at a later time, without an internet connection. This is perfect for travelers on long trips with no Wi-Fi, and those who are going to places with little to no internet connectivity. Once a title has been downloaded, users will have a window in which they can view the content after it has been downloaded (about 48 hours) and they can have only a limited number of titles downloaded at a time. While it may seem like a small feature for some, this is a welcome addition for those who don’t always have an internet connection, but still want to watch their episodes of Stranger Things and House of Cards. If you’re in need of a home internet connection to serve as your “base of operations” for offline viewing, look no further than FreedomNet Solutions.

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