Watching Your Every Move

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Watching Your Every Move: With the exponential increase in internet usage over the past decade, concerns about internet privacy have become more and more relevant. While the traditional concerns have usually revolved around personal information that can be stolen from a user, a more unnerving concern is how web browsers could potentially track your actions online. This is not referring to logging your web history (although that is another concerns as well) but the actual actions you undertake onscreen can actually be logged and recorded.

A simple web experiment called “Click” features a cascade of information when you access it the first time. It not only logs information about the CPU you are using, but even the motions of the mouse, what links are clicked, and how long you linger on a particular page and when. Its purpose is to show that websites could theoretically access and store this information about a user for other uses, without their permission. A more practical website called Webkay can display a comprehensive list of everything websites can learn and guess about you, without explicitly asking for permission, just based on the data reporting from the browser that is being used. It is even more helpful in that it also links you to some tools to prevent some of these information leaks from happening. For a lot of the known issues, simply installing a NoScript browser extension (like ScriptSafe for Chrome) can block a lot of the standard website digging code from being executed. But regardless of the dangers the internet can hold, it is a known belief that most individuals have a need for it, so vigilance by the user is something that we here at FreedomNet Solutions think our customers should be aware of.

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