Benefits of Amazon Prime

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Benefits of Amazon Prime: There are a number of benefits that Amazon Prime offers that people know about, including streaming and fast deliveries, but some features are not as well-known with the $99 annual subscription based service. Here are just a few of the more obscure ones:

  • Early ebook access – Amazon already is a giant in the ebook industry with its well known Kindle Lending Library that allows users to rent ebooks for free from a curated list. Prime users also get access to 1 free book a month, before anyone else can get it, from a selection picked by Amazon.
  • Photos straight to your door – Amazon Prime subscribers benefit from having free unlimited cloud storage, but those saved photos can also be printed and sent to your home address to frame them.
  • Discount on video games – In conjunction with the Twitch streaming service, Amazon Prime users can get discounts for most game accessories and preorders.
  • Early access to Amazon hardware – A perfect example of this is the popular Amazon Echo device that was for a while available only exclusively to Amazon Prime members.
  • Free half a year subscription to the Washington Post –’s founder Jeff Bezos recently acquired the nationally recognized newspaper and all Amazon Prime users can benefit by taking advantage of the 6-month free subscription that comes with their Prime account.
  • Adding other accounts – Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime allows users to add one other adult and 2 kids at the same address as you who can take advantage of a few perks like faster shipping and Prime Video.

Since becoming a shopping website in its early incarnation, has since become a wide encompassing entity that provides consumer goods, services, and entertainment to millions across the world. Full beneficiaries of the website who are Amazon Prime members have access to a multitude of other services not available to the general public and can take advantage of those with an internet connection. Servicing much of rural Michigan, FreedomNet Solutions is proud to be Michigan’s #1 wireless Internet provider.

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