Increased Internet Traffic by 2020

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Increased Internet Traffic by 2020: We all know how important the Internet is to day-to-day life for most Americans. Our increased reliance upon it has naturally caused a growth in our usage and data consumption. A recent paper was published by Cisco Systems about a year ago that forecasted the future of internet usage going into 2020. There were some noteworthy points that were highlighted, such as global IP traffic increasing threefold over the next 5 years, and Internet traffic from mobile devices will exceed PC traffic by 2020.

The paper also makes note of the significant increase in Internet usage in relation to video streaming services like Netflix and Youtube. The Internet to TV use, which accounts for about 25% of all Internet video traffic, grew 50% in 2015. Globally, IP video traffic will eventually account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020. Also noteworthy is the significant increase in virtual reality traffic which quadrupled in 2015 and will continue to see increased usage as more forms of media are adapted to its format.

This all is clearly indicative of the Internet’s importance, and its ever growing use among society. As a consumer, most people would want the freedom to be able to access their online content with without having to worry about hitting low data caps set by their Internet provider. FreedomNet Solutions understands this and it is why all of our customers have the option to get installed with a service that is free from such data limitations that might inhibit your late night binge sessions on Netflix, or watching daytime kid’s shows with the family. Customers who get installed with our standard Internet plans can still take advantage of high data allowances, starting at 350GB of monthly data that are increased in relation to the plan you are connected on. With Michigan’s #1 wireless Internet provider at your side, you can feel safe tackling the demands of the unknown future.

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