New Year, New You

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New Year, New You: It’s a new year full of resolutions and that means another chance to pursue a healthier version of ourselves. While many may take the more traditional route of going to gyms with friends and working out with trainers, some may be more inclined to take it upon themselves to independently get in better shape. Many smartphones now come pre-equipped with software that can help you keep track of your physical activity and monitor your body’s vitals, These apps can be a helpful way to make sure you’re on track. If this is something you are interested in, here are some apps that may help:

  • Health by Apple – this is one of those default apps that come pre-installed with new iPhones, or those with the latest update. By syncing it with an Apple Watch it acts as a pedometer while also featuring options that also keep track of your sleep schedule and a nutrition table for eating.
  • Google Fit – this is basically Android’s version of Apple’s Health app that does many of the same things. It can also be integrated with other apps like Nike+ and MyFitnessPal for more flexibility in use with other 3rd party devices.
  • Charity Miles – for those who want their fitness success to have a positive impact on others, Charity Miles is a cool app that acts like a typical pedometer for running and biking, but donates money for every mile run or biked towards charity thanks to corporate sponsors that are featured in the background.
  • FIT Radio – this music-streaming app specializes in curating music specifically for running or working out using songs that maintain a consistent beat. No need to make your own custom playlist for workouts.
  • Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout – this free app has easy and short workouts that most people can squeeze in during slow times during the day at an intensity level that is right for you. Most require only a chair and the length of workouts can extent to 11 minutes.
  • Pact – for the more competitive types out there, this app lets you wager money with other users in a communal pot that rewards those who reach or exceeds their goals. If you’re slacker who misses a gym session, be ready to pay up.

While these apps don’t guarantee success or results, they can be effective tools to help users who take it upon themselves to better their health. While these apps will likely be used on the go for many people in places where coverage can be spotty, home users at least won’t have to worry about internet connectivity thanks to FreedomNet’s wireless Internet service.

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