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Smartphone Safety: The past few weeks we’ve talked about online safety in regards to consumer online browsing habits, and use of a router. Now let’s talk about smartphone use. Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous in society right now and now comprise the majority of online traffic on the internet. With their portability, ease of use, the ability to store things like contacts, addresses, passwords and other such information, a person’s smartphone can be a goldmine for external threats trying to steal your information. Luckily there are many apps that can help you with this and here are a few of our favorites:

  • LastPass – With almost every online service and shopping site requiring accounts to be created, and basic online safety requiring unique passwords for each account, users can find themselves having to be responsible for a number of different passwords that can add up over time. With LastPass (for iOS and Android), you only need to know one password to have access to all your other ones and it even comes with a handy password generator.
  • Signal Messaging Service – This messaging app (for iOS and Android) comes with standard features like group messaging, VOIP phone calls, read receipts, and more. But it also has a crucial difference with competitors in that it features end-to-end encryption, meaning only you and the receiver can read your messages. Not even employees of Signal have access to that information.
  • Orbot and Onion Browser – Both Orbot (Android) and Onion Browser (iOS) are powered by the Tor network that is considered to be the standard for anonymous browsing that encrypts your data and randomly bounces it between several servers across the world making it very difficult to track the source.
  • Opera VPN – If you want more than just a secure browser and security for specific apps, you can use a cell phone specific VPN that encrypts all the data going in and out of your device, perfect for public wi-fi hotspots that are open to everyone.

Much like your internet devices at home, your smartphone device is no different in what it can be susceptible to. The constant use and importance a smartphone can have for many people means that it is a ripe target for hackers and other external threats. Being vigilant about your online activity and taking steps to better secure yourself can go a long way in keeping your information secure in the future.

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