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Explore the World with Google Earth: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go someplace far away, maybe an exotic locale or a big city on the other side of the world? Sure you could book a flight or boat, but cost and time then become a barrier that prevents many from carrying out their wanderlust fantasies. Stories from other people and pictures may help, but that sometimes does not show the true scope of a location and is just a limited view of what is out there. Turns out Google Earth may be able to help, sort of.

The widely used software created by Google, Google Earth is free to use by anyone with a computer or a smartphone to access a staggering amount of data in the form of NASA’s curated satellite imagery. Googles own self-driving cars also provide much of the data with 360-degree cameras that form the entirety of its Street View feature. A more recent feature added to most major cities is the ability to visualize an entire location in 3D using a combination of both Street View and satellite imagery that is generated by an algorithm that creates a mostly accurate 3D environment. With improvements in quality of these tools, in conjunction with the fast growing virtual reality market, a person could theoretically be teleported through virtual reality to a remote location and get a pretty accurate idea of what it’s like there (smell-o-vision not included). An excellent example of the advantages of such tools can be found in a cool hyper-lapse video that takes you on a tour of the world. This being one of the advantages that internet can offer, we here at FreedomNet Solutions want to be able to give our customers that ability to research and explore the world.

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