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The Best Home Network for Your Home: Routers are essential household items that are commonplace in many homes around the world. Very often people who experience problems with their internet service find that it is their router that is actually the main source of the problems. This is why the first step to troubleshooting internet related problems is usually to reset your router, which often resolves the issues quickly. Sometimes, though, the problem with a router lies in its capabilities or lack thereof. This is why it is important to choose the right router, or router set up that works best for your home, and your network activity.

A common misconception is that having a better router will result in increased performance on the customer’s end. While a better router can help you achieve the actual speeds of your Internet service, it will not necessarily increase the bandwidth you are receiving from your ISP. This is why oftentimes a person with basic or lower speed internet service may only need a router less than $100 that can sufficiently handle their lower bandwidth requirements. Higher priced routers can handle more data and typically have greater range than lower priced models, but their range is capped at a certain distance per FCC rules which may make it difficult to cover larger homes. This can be remedied with high gain antennas that FCC mandates require being sold separately, or by using wi-fi extenders that have to be placed in precise locations for them to work properly. A lower hassle and relatively lower cost method would be the use of mesh networks.

Mesh networks are essentially numerous routers that are linked together to form a wireless system of devices that can cover an infinitely larger area than 1 single router. It is for that reason that many office spaces and buildings prefer to use mesh networks, which can also automatically allocate data for specific devices based on usage and priority to maximize limited bandwidth use in a large space. A couple downsides are the fact that mesh networks typically don’t handle major bandwidth traffic as well as a single, optimized router and they typically are more expensive to purchase and set up.

But regardless of your home or business network needs, there is definitely a router solution right for you, just like FreedomNet Solution’s hassle free internet service that services much of lower Michigan. With multiple internet plans, including some with unlimited data, FreedomNet is proud to be Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider.

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