Extending Battery Life with Google Chrome

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Extending Battery Life with Google Chrome: Google Chrome, currently the world’s most popular internet browser, has seen widespread use among individuals and businesses who like its ease of use, simple interface, and easy integration of Google accounts and devices. The most recent version of Chrome has seen an update with a long requested feature involving background tabs.

As anyone with a laptop might tell you, having multiple tabs open in the background of your web browser can really do a number on the battery life of the device. That is because these background tabs are still actively running in the background, which consumes CPU processing power, which in turn makes your computer work harder and use up more battery life. This new version of Chrome (version 57) now throttles the performance of all unused, open tabs by allocating the necessary amount of CPU power to keep them running. Exceptions to this would be tabs such as ones with sound playing, or ones that require a consistent connection to operate core features properly (think video chat apps and persistent messaging apps like Line and Slack). Eventually, Google’s goal is to have all background tabs be suspended entirely, but that would require coordination and cooperation from web developers who need to reconfigure their code to meet the requirements Google has set for such a feature. For that reason, Google has decided to hold off till 2020 to begin implementing changes towards that ultimate goal. In the meantime, it’s nice to have another improvement in our never ending quest to squeeze every last bit of power from our devices. If you’re without home or business Internet and want to know what all the fuss is about, maybe it’s time to consider switching to FreedomNet Solutions.

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