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Filing Taxes Online: It is currently tax season here in the United States. And while many of you are in the process of or have already filed your returns, there are still many who have yet to do their taxes. Online software, such as TaxAct and TurboTax have seen increasing popularity among consumers who like the convenience of step by step online walkthroughs and the easy submission of their forms. But for some who would rather not spend the extra money and would rather do their taxes themselves, there may be a similar approach you can take.

Unknown to many, the IRS itself offers free to use online filing software for US residents who make less than $64,000 a year. The links provided lead to many of the same online tax filing software that TaxAct and TurboTax use, but at no cost due to an agreement with the IRS and said companies to offer exclusive tax prep software for free via their own small group of tax prep website. Other participants include H&R Block and TaxSlayer who also offer free online filing provided that users meet certain criteria. If you want to avoid the tedious and long paperwork commonly associated with doing your taxes, but don’t want to spend any more of your hard earned money, this may be the solution for you.

With FreedomNet Solutions wireless Internet service, users can file their taxes online. With speeds that meet the needs of most consumers and plans that still offer no limits Internet service, there is much to like about Michigan’s #1 wireless Internet service.

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