New Sonos One Smart Speaker

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New Sonos One Smart Speaker: Wireless digital assistants are nothing new; we all remember when Apple announced its Siri personal assistant to great fanfare in a first for large-scale consumer products. Now there are several digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Google Assistant, that compete with the likes of Siri to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as ordering food, buying moving tickets, or changing the song on a playlist. This has subsequently given birth to hardware such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home that act as stand-alone devices that can connect to the internet and serve as an additional hub for people to use in high traffic areas of their home as they see fit.

Now Sonos, an industry leader in wireless speakers, typically favored by audiophiles, is getting into the game with their new Sonos One smart speaker that will be fully integrated with not just one, but both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, with Apple Airplay to come in the near future. Unlike other hubs sold by Amazon and Google, which are nothing more than regular wireless speakers paired with software, Sonos One users have the benefit of Sonos’ superior audio technology that can deliver rich, and clear sounds that can also double as a digital assist hub, giving users the best of both worlds. And because it is multi-integrated with more than one digital assistant, users have their preference of one or the other if they so, please. The Sonos One, like other devices, can still act in an offline capacity, but internet access is what allows users to gain the full benefit of their device and software. With FreedomNet’s Rural Michigan High Speed Internet, you can ensure that you are a user in the latter category.

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