Google Chrome Adpocalypse

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Google Chrome Adpocalypse is upon us, and no this is not the same Adpocalypse associated with the lack of monetized ads on YouTube, which is its own separate topic for another day. In a recent blog post this past Wednesday, Google outlined its plans for an integrated system of ad blocking on Chrome that will take effect immediately starting 2/15/18. While ad blockers and ad blocking are nothing new for many who already use them on their web browsers, this is the first case where a major web browser is taking its own steps to filter out certain ads deemed either intrusive or annoying to preemptively negate the need for downloading a separate ad blocking extension.

While this won’t lead to a complete elimination of ads on Google Chrome, certain ads that do not meet the criteria to be deemed acceptable or non-intrusive will be flagged and the ad creators encouraged to reconfigure their ads to meet Google’s standards for acceptable ads. Some of the 12 types of intrusive or annoying ads cited by Google include pop-ups, auto-play video ads with sound, and full-screen scroll over ads just to name a few. Flagged users will then have 30 days to make changes before Google automatically removes the ad by default. In addition, the new Chrome update will now allow users to mute auto-play videos from sites of their choosing, which is a welcome quality of life change for some. Considering that Google controls about 42 percent of the US digital ad market and about 75 percent of the search ad market, this is big news for advertisers and marketers that will be obliged to adhere to new guidelines. And as a sign of encouraging news, Google is claiming that about “42% of sites which were failing the Better Ads Standards have resolved their issues and are now passing.” But that would also mean that 58 percent of sites are not able to meet the new guidelines which goes to show that there is still work to be done.

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