Fact or Fiction #1

Posted by FreedomNet

Welcome to Fact or Fiction. As a fixed wireless internet provider in rural areas of Michigan, we hear all kinds of ideas that people have about wireless internet. Some of these ideas are true, slightly true, or totally false, and we’re here to set the record straight.

In this post, we demystify a few of them:

“Internet Service that uses fixed wireless equipment is negatively affected by weather”

This is true to an extent. When frequencies below 10Ghz are used, inclement weather doesn’t have much impact on signal strength. With frequencies above the 10Ghz range, weather is a bigger factor. This is why satellite internet users typically experience intermittent service during heavy rain or snow storms. Satellite internet providers typically operate in frequency bands above 10Ghz where outages are more common. FreedomNet’s wireless network operates exclusively on equipment that uses frequencies below the 10Ghz mark, where weather has little to no impact on a customer’s internet service.

“Fixed wireless Internet is difficult to install”

The reality is that fixed wireless Internet service can be somewhat complex to install, but with the necessary training, it’s actually quite stress-free. Our in office staff thoroughly plan out each customers equipment setup and FreedomNet’s installers are all trained in industry best practices, allowing us to be sure that your equipment is installed properly.

Look forward to Fact or Fiction #2 coming shortly…

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