Why You Should Always Keep a Backup

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Why You Should Always Keep a Backup: We have previously discussed the dangers and the increasing threat of ransomware. A quick breakdown, ransomware is when an external threat manages to obtain access to an individual’s data on a device. That data is then encrypted and the owner charged a fee or “ransom” to acquire the key to unlock their data. Unfortunately, some recent attacks have been relatively successful. In the event something like this happens, it’s a really good idea to have your local files backed up somewhere separately. Even without the threat of ransomware or malware corrupting your data, it’s still good practice to back up your files.

Backing up data has become a common enough of a practice that both Windows and Mac OS have in-house applications to save your data via Windows OneDrive or Mac OS iCloud. Any saved folders and files that are marked can automatically or manually be uploaded to the cloud and then re-acquired via any internet connection. There are also more conventional options to back up files to a separate external hard drive on a schedule via Windows File History, or Mac OS Time Machine. There are also third party services like Carbonite or Backblaze that allow users to pay a small fee to upload data to their servers, and feature dedicated support for customers with more specific business or security related needs. For simpler, free options, services like Dropbox and Google Drive can be helpful for small files or Microsoft Office documents. But the best and arguably safest method is still the old school practice of physically using an external hard drive to back up files that can be stored offsite and disconnected from the internet. With a wide variety of options, especially solutions that require internet connectivity, it’s good to know that services like FreedomNet Solutions can facilitate in helping you secure your digital information.

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