App makes sure you never walk alone

Posted by FreedomNet

Are you tired of having to walk alone, all by yourself, in the dark? Make fearing the shadows a thing of the past with the Companion app! The newly released Companion app is a new way for your phone to keep you company, and it was made by five students at the University of Michigan. The delightful new app has gained 500,000 new users in the past week alone, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

According to CNN “The app, available on Android or iOS, lets users send requests to phone contacts to virtually track their trips using GPS.” Some of the tracking features work very similar to iOS’s Find My Friends app, which allows your friends to be able to view where you are at all times. The Companion app allows those who care about you to track your location, following whether you make it home safely or not, and may be a great tool for parents to keep track of their kids location.

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