Apple Blast from the Past?

Posted by FreedomNet

Is Apple planning an Apple Blast from the Past? Many of us remember the old flip phones. The ones that were indestructible, waterproof, and only there for making phone calls. Well, they may be coming back in the form of an Apple iPhone. “Apple plans to come out with a radically different iPhone design within two years, according to a top Wall Street firm”. This information is coming from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who says that the phone maker has been working with other partners to make a foldable phone.

The report goes on to say “Analysts and bloggers have speculated for years foldable phones were the next major form factor for the smartphone. Lenovo and Samsung have demonstrated concept devices with foldable screens, and other companies have filed patents, but devices have yet to materialize”.

If you would like to read the full article, follow the link below.

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