Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017

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Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017: Last week, Apple held its annual keynote address where new products and features of iOS are revealed. The new iOS 11 is the next iteration of software for the iPhone and iPad coming in the fall, and with it are a wealth of new features.

  • Built-in screen recording – Much like regular screen shots, a picture of your screen for later reference, screen sharing takes it a step further by actively recording all your interactions on the phone in real-time and saving it as a video file, useful for things like tutorials.
  • One-handed keyboard – Like its Android counterpart, the new iOS will allow users to employ a keyboard with all the keys located to one side to allow for easier one-handed typing, great for those who multitask.
  • Support for FLAC media – Audiophiles will like that the new iOS will support FLAC audio format that is an essential media format with no compression, which media lovers cite as a reason for the lower quality sound in some other media formats.
  • Additional support for NFC – NFC, or near field communication, uses proximity with compatible devices to allow user access to functions, the most common being mobile payments via features like Apple Pay and Android Pay. The additional access to the NFC chip in iPhones for app developers will allow for additional usage that can be employed for things like subway fare or hotel room access.
  • Typed Siri commands – With iOS 11, users can now elect to type their queries and commands to Siri rather than dictating them, good for those who have trouble dictating their commands or are in a quiet setting.
  • Restricted app location tracking – Users can elect to set location services to only be active in an app when they are actively using it, thereby avoiding any potential passive usage of the app running in the background and using up the precious battery life of your device.

While there are many other additional features, these are some of the notable ones to take away from the keynote address. And like many apps and features on smartphones these days, the use of an at-home Internet connection is prevalent and sometimes required to take full advantage of all the features that smartphones and modern technology can offer.

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