Apple’s iOS 11 Update

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Apple’s iOS 11 Update: Recently, Apple unveiled its now annual release of their new iPhone, only this time there was not one but two iterations of the widely popular smartphone. Both the traditional iPhone 8 and newer iPhone X come with the hardware upgrades that we have come to expect; faster processor, better camera, sleeker frame and better waterproofing, etc. But as equally important if not more so is the new software upgrades courtesy of a new iOS version, iOS 11, that come equipped with a whole suite of new features. Here a few of the more notable one’s users can look forward to:

  • Streamlined setup – If you are purchasing a new iOS 11 device and switching from another iOS 11 device, you can easily sync your settings and preferences wirelessly with an Automatic Setup option
  • Improved Siri – With every new iOS iteration is an improved Siri personal assistant, which can now do voice activated translations of phrases and can now accept typed commands
  • New photography features – Live Photos can now be looped into mini video clips, a la Instagram style, and there are new settings for long exposure photos and additional filters. There’s also a QR codes scanner built into the camera OS
  • Pay via iMessage – Apple Pay is now synced with the Messages app to allow users to pay others within their conversations
  • Integrated screen recording – While screen recording was possible in older iOS versions, it is now integrated into the phone so that users don’t need a computer to do it. Saved video recordings will go into your Camera Roll making it easy to save tutorials
  • iPad OS improvements – There are a bunch of small quality of life improvements for iPads including a new QuickType keyboard for optimized typing, an integrated document scanner, and the ability to drag and drop elements into other files/apps

Set to release on September 19th, the latest advancements for one of the world’s most prolific phones will improve an already popular platform for Apple fans. But to take advantage of some of these new features, or to download the large update file for iOS 11, you will need reliable internet to facilitate your iOS upgrade.

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