Are You Ready for Super Like?

Posted by FreedomNet

Are you ready for Super Like? Tinder is a widely used dating app, and it’s just come out with something new for its users. Much like Facebooks recently announced dislike button, Tinder is releasing a new feature in the super like button. Now you can not only like someone’s profile, you can super like it and show the other person you have a really big interest in them. For those who do not know what Tinder is, you are able to put pictures of yourself and what you enjoy doing in the app. You then write up something short to describe who you are and what you enjoy doing. Then you wait for people to either swipe left (which means they aren’t interested) or right (they are interested). If you and another person have both swiped right on each other’s pictures, you will then be able to have a conversation.

CNN Tech had this to say about Tinder’s new feature “Tinder has been testing out the feature for the past three weeks in Australia, where women have used more than a million Super Likes. The feature is now available to all users around the world. According to Tinder, conversations that start with a Super Like last 70% longer. Longer chats mean there’s a higher likelihood the two people will meet in the real world, and even potentially fall in Super Love.”

We will have to wait and see if the “Super Like” button really catches on, but it’s an interesting idea none the less. You can try out the “super like” button with our “No Limits Internet” service in rural Michigan.