FreedomNet is a Local Internet Provider.

Your Local Internet Provider is Now Blogging!

We are excited to announce that FreedomNet Solutions will be starting to write about what we know best…Point to Multipoint Wireless. Twice a week we will be adding new posts to our website that will have information regarding our Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet, options for Internet in the Country, the current state of Michigan Internet, the joys of having No Limits Internet, and more.

To start things off, we would like to tell everyone a little bit about our company. FreedomNet Solutions is located in Byron Center Michigan. We began offering Unlimited Internet in the Country to West Michigan Families in 2002, with our first service tower in Allendale Michigan. We now have around 60 towers providing our Point to Multipoint Wireless Country Internet in West Michigan, Central Michigan, and East Michigan, with more towers being added frequently.

We are committed to providing the best available Internet in the Country that is always unlimited. We are a local business that is dedicated to being the top Local Internet Provider. For more information on FreedomNet Solutions Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet, follow this link.

Check our site often for more posts on a twice weekly basis.