Looking for Reliable Internet in the Country?

Country Internet That is Better Than Dialup

Many rural Michigan homes and businesses that are looking for internet in the country are still stuck with a dialup connection. FreedomNet Solutions Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet is a great high-speed alternative to dialup.

Our Country internet Speed is at least 50 times faster than a dial-up connection and our service provides an unlimited internet connection. Our Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet allows us to get high-speed internet to rural areas that are difficult for other providers to reach. With our No Limits Internet you will be able to send emails, surf the web, and check Facebook, all without waiting for your dial-up internet to keep up.

If you are interested in upgrading your internet to a high-speed No limits Internet option, be sure to check out our Michigan Internet Coverage Area (https://freedomnet.com/internet-solutions/coverage/)