Is the Microsoft’s Creators Update Worth It?

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Is the Microsoft’s Creators Update Worth It?: Microsoft has recently started rolling out its newest update of Windows 10 called the Creators Update. You may have already been notified of the update as it was slowly rolled out starting April 11th, 2017. With the new update comes cool features like Game Mode that streamline background apps so they don’t use up precious processing power. There are also simplified privacy settings and a revamped Microsoft Edge browser. It also allows users to draw on the screen with compatible devices that support the feature such as the Surface tablet on applications like Word and other web browsers like Chrome. Microsoft Paint also gets an overhaul with the new ability to draw 3D images, similar to CAD programs but much more simplified.

A long requested feature has also been added; the ability to turn off automatic updates. There were many reported instances where users were randomly prompted to download the latest mandatory Windows update, even while in the middle of a task on a device causing some ire among customers. This new feature allows users to put off updates to a later time, for up to a week.  The new update does have some bugs need to be sorted out, so Microsoft’s director of program management has advised users to refrain from manual updates in a recent blog post. Those who have already downloaded the update and are experiencing problems, as a result, can roll it back and uninstall it by following a step by step guide found here.

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